Two Men Shoot Each Other Inside A Packed Whataburger In Texas Leaving Both Wounded

Gunfire erupted inside a busy Whataburger eatery in Texas on Sunday, leaving two men injured in a bloody occurrence that was captured on cell phone video.

Police in Victoria responded to the fast-food restaurant on Houston Highway at 2.30am on Sunday after getting reports of shots fired.


According to police department spokesman David Brogger, Rudolfo Estrada, 35, and Lorenzo Banda, 34, had an argument inside the crowded burger joint and opened fire on each other.

The men suffered at least two gunshot wounds each and both were taken to area hospital for treatment.

Witness Orlando Cantu told Victoria Advocate that Banda fired twice on Estrada, who then brawled the gun from his alleged assailant’s hands and returned fire.

A short cell phone video recorded at the scene of the incident begins with an already wounded Estrada aiming the gun at someone off-screen and squeezing off two rounds before crumpling to the floor.

Distressed customers can be heard screaming in panic and shouting expletives in the background.

Several people rush to Estrada’s aid, who is seen slumped against a blood-spattered wall.


The 21-second video does not show Banda shooting at Estrada.

Ariana Munoz, a family friend of Estrada’s, revealed that he underwent a five-hour surgery on Sunday and was in a medically induced coma but was expected to make a recovery.

She said one of the bullets pierced his intestine and shattered his tailbone.

Based on his Facebook page, Estrada lives in Victoria with his three young children and works construction.

His friend described Estrada as a hard-working family man who minds his own business and never asks for trouble.

According to Munoz, early Sunday morning Estrada was getting food after attending a birthday party when the attack happened.

After the shooting, witness Orlando Cantu said Estrada was bleeding out and he grabbed some napkins and applied pressure to the wound until help arrived.

It is uncertain whether or not Estrada and Banda knew each other prior to the violent altercation.

Banda was listed in critical condition at University Hospital in San Antonio as of Monday.

The 34-year-old has a prior criminal record, that includes charges of theft, bail jumping and traffic violations. So far, no arrests have been made in connection to Sunday’s shooting.

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