12 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Loves Food

No couple is perfect! In a relationship there is much more than just sex. Now, we have come up with a very simple logic, which will help you have a happy relationship in future. In a relationship, couple should be compatible with each other’s habit, but if the two of share the same habit then the relationship can be a bliss. In case the common thing in your relationship is food and the girl you are dating is least bothered about her weight.

12 reasons that why it is a bliss to date a foodie girl!

1.You both can challenge each other in terms of food. Instead of sex games, you can go for food games!

2. You both can take each other to your favorite food joints and spots. It would be more fun to explore new food points, together!

3. You both can fight over foods and even conclude the fights by eating food!

4. She finds happiness in spending over food rather than spending on clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

5. Together you two can locate the most amazing of good deals and rebates. You are your own Sherlock and Watson couple out on gastronomic experiences.

6. You never get exhausted with her. With nourishment as the regular love between both of you, you know you will never come up short on things to bond over.

7. Birthdays are a feast for both of you!

8. You can tag each other in foodgasm memes. Such cute couple goals!

9. If your girl is a foodie then go marry her as she will cook the most amazing food!

10. If your girl can beat you in drinking, she is someone you must date! Nobody can match her level of compatibility!

11. You two would have foodie dates rather than serious future planning oriented dates!

12. You two would share foodie dates!


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