Six-Year-Old Girl Sneaks Her Way On To Mum’s Account And Spends £200


I’m sure each of us, at some point or another, have sneaked our hands into our mom’s purse just to take an extra dollar or so, and then made sure to cover your tracks and ensuring you have a full backstory, witness statement and an alibi prepared.

Well, this six-year-old went a bit further. She did something that none of us would have the balls to do in our younger years.

Ashlynd Howell, managed to spend £200 of her mum’s money on Amazon. But to gain access to her parent’s account, she had to get on to her phone.


To do so, she waited until the person who brought her into this world, Bethany, fell asleep on the sofa, and then used her thumb to get past Apple’s touch ID. Ruthless.

Bethany was then very confused when she eventually got asked by her husband why they’d been sent a bill for $250 (£203).

“I said, ‘What are you talking about? I didn’t purchase anything’. We thought we’d been hacked at first,” she said.

They took a look at their previous purchases from Amazon and found that Ashlynd had bought 13 Pokémon toys.


When Bethany confronted her, she said: “Yeah, mommy! I was shopping. But don’t worry, all of it is going to come straight to the house.”

Bethany and her husband had to have a little sit down with their offspring and explain why what she had done was wrong, and presumably tell her that using her mum’s thumbprint to get onto her phone was the work of an evil genius.